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Discover all our surf activities:

Surfing is one of the best St. Maarten activities, especially when it comes to water activities. There’s no better way to connect with the turquoise Caribbean Sea than to be on it surfing its cresting peaks.

With clear waters and a variety of breaks, surrounded by lush green mountains and generally free of crowds, St. Maarten surfing is beautiful and memorable. Conditions here are perfect for beginners (particularly in Spring and Summer) and experts looking for a challenge (especially in Hurricane Season and winter months).

As far as St. Maarten surf activities, here is what we offer..

Private Beginner Surf Lessons:

You’ve alway’s wanted to learn surfing ? On a private lesson ? After a quick theory on the beach about how to get on, Franck will guide/ push you on your fist wave ever with your classic 9’0 foamy board !!! This is where it all begins and your teacher will accompany you on your progression giving you some tips to improve after each try. Probably the most unforgettable lesson of all !!!

Private Surf Lessons To Perfect Your Style:

If you wish to progress quickly or need to become totally independent in the surf spot : this option is the most suitable for you. After a technical evaluation of your surf skills, Franck is at your personal disposal to advice you and push you in order to perform.

Group Lessons:

This is for families, friends, couples in need to share amazing sensations between close relatives : we take 4 people maximum to guaranty a good quality lesson in safety. After many laughs, every one want to show off and start a surf contest : what about you and your loved ones ?

Baby Surf:

Kid’s can surf so early, as long as they can walk/swim, it’s ON ! You’ll be amazed by their skills and easy abilities in shallow sandy water. Come and make your children try surfing, he’ll be grateful to you showing off and sending you huge smiles and happiness.

Surf Taxi:

Cruise ship people visiting the island ? You need to get a local guide ? Thibault will come pick you up in Philipsburg or at your hotel desk and bring you back after the excursion. As a long time resident, he’ll guide you on the best spot of Sint-Marteen as quickly as possible on his 4x4 surf taxi.