Baby Surf - SXM Surf Explorer

Baby Surf Lessons:

Children have such great potential to become excellent surfers. They are really at that perfect age to pick up surfing, being light weight and small. Your child will get up easily and safely in the gentle surf at Orient Bay.

For children who are 5 years old+, we offer super safe beginner surf lessons. With a teacher at his/her side, we teach your child in the calmer waters at Mount Vernon in Orient Bay.

Choosing the right spot is important for “baby surf” to make your child is as secure as possible. Mount Vernon at Orient Bay is the best spot since it’s shallow with a big sand bank. The way this surf spot is shaped lets your child’s teacher to be right next to him/her the whole time.

The session starts with simple explanations, designed for children. Your child’s teacher will explain the basic (and easy to understand) safety rules. It’s best to begin the practical part of the lesson with bodysurfing. Without the board, this exercise gets your child used to being in the ocean and being pushed by the waves.

Once s/he’s comfortable, we move onto surfing. With foam boards selected by the surf teacher (board size will depend on your child’s size), we start on the sand, teaching the basic techniques. Then, it’s to the sea.

You will be excited to see how quickly your child will progress on the water. S/he will become a true surfer in no time.

Be sure to bring your camera!