Group Surf Lessons - SXM Surf Explorer

Surf Group Lessons:

Designed for couples, friends and family, group surf lessons are in one word, fun! There’s something to those days on the water with people you love, pushing each other, pushing yourself, sharing the waves and the experience. Always a blast, they are memorable.

If you are doing an open group lesson (ie. not with your friends/family/spouse), it can also be a good opportunity to meet other students.

Although France’s water safety rules say that surf teachers can take up to 8 people on a lesson, we limit group lessons to 4 people. We aim to give quality lessons, and don’t want to overrun lessons with too many people. Smaller classes means more of our attention, more space on the water, and a safer and more rewarding day over all.


What happen on group lessons?

If you are all beginners, your coach teaches you the fundamentals on the beach. You learn where to place yourself on the board, how to paddle, “pop up,” and the proper post-pop-up stance.

Then, it’s onto the water. Your surf coach will tell you how to approach the surf spot safely, and he will re-enforce some group rules, including… don’t sit next to each other in the water, don’t try to ride the same wave and don’t follow each other too closely.

It’s good to learn these rules right from the start because you will almost always be on the water with other people. To keep yourself and others safe, it’s important to respect the rules of safety and priority.

In terms of surf locations, group lessons take place at various spots in St. Martin…

Galion is a good spot to learn, with its consistent waves. It is a large, wide spot. Plum Bay is another terrific location, best in winter months when the island receives north swell. Finally, “Baby Surf” classes are held at Orient Bay near Mount Vernon Hotel where waves are small and gentle.