Private Surf Lessons - SXM Surf Explorer

Private Surf Lessons:

We offer beginner lessons and more technical training for intermediate and expert surfers.

Beginner Surf Lessons:

Beginners are introduced to the exhilarating sport of surfing in a totally safe environment. Throughout your lesson, your coach will be at your side ensuring your safety and progress. He will craft a course outline for you, tailoring it to your capabilities and goals. THAT is the SXM Surf Explorer guarantee… truly effective coaching that emphasizes progress and moving to that next level of surfing.

So, what happens on the first lesson?

It all starts on the sand. On the beach, your surf coach will teach you “the basics.” He’ll show you how to paddle while you’re on the board, where to put your hands, feet and upper body when you “pop up,” and he’ll show you the proper stance you should have once you’re standing up. Each of these motions is critical for a good first “take off.” Your surf coach will make sure you have this down pat before hopping into the water.

Once the lesson on the beach is complete, he will review some general safety tips. A few things he’ll touch on…

- the board (and leash and fins)
- your surfing ability
- the surf spot itself
- the conditions that day

Your coach is a “Brevet d’Etat d’Educateur Sportif,” a certified sports coach. He is qualified and knows everything there is to know about sports safety on the water.

We’ve covered the rules and we’re in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. What next?

Now, it’s time to catch your first wave. Your surf coach will be next to you. While you’re on your board, he will line you up, making sure you’re in the right spot. He’ll find that perfect wave. Then? You paddle, “pop up,” and ride it!

Throughout the lesson, he will help you catch waves but he will also train you, showing you how to choose your own waves so you can one day ride alone.

Once you get your “beginner bearings,” it will be time to learn to turn on your board. That’s where the real fun begins. When you turn, you really pick up speed and get that oh-so-addictive surfing sensation. That brings us to…

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons:

If you are an intermediate level surfer or an advanced surfer, and you want to refine your skills, your surf coach at SXM Surf Explorer can help you.

Assuming you have the fundamentals down and you are riding waves on your own, your surfing teacher will watch you catch a few waves to get a feel for your level of surfing. Then, he’ll help you set goals and create exercises to help you progress.

Missing the best waves? Nose-diving your board all the time? Can’t duck dive? It’s just a matter of assessing, finding the mistake and correcting it. More often than not, it’s just a small, bad habit that’s causing the problem. Your surf teacher can help you overcome those habits and other barriers you may be facing.

As far as the “expert level” goes, if you want to learn more technical maneuvers, move more fluidly on the water, recover more quickly when you get rolled by a wave, your surf teacher can help you with all of that, too.

Lastly, if you’re seeking the best surf spots in St. Martin, your coach can give you an inside guide to some of the island’s top spots, showing you the line-up and pointing out any dangers (like a shallow reef).