No age limit for learning how to surf - SXM Surf Explorer

February 2014 : Bob and Carole fulfill their wish of surfing :

This month, the Sint Marteen’s itinerant surf school SXM Surf Explorer is welcoming Bob et Carole with open arms for an epic first surfing lesson. I had the visit of a couple stoping over the island on a cruise ship trip. Bob has decided to give Carole a surprise for the wedding celebrating 40 years of married life. Appointment is scheduled for saturday 1st of Fébruary : 65 years old for both of them, i take care of the two surfer in Philipsburg right after their disembarking. Wearing my t shirt SXM Surf Explorer, upon receipt of the couple at 11:00am at the meeting point well defined by mail : the Green House restaurant located at the entrance of the Philipsburg boardwalk.After 25 minutes of outward trip in the surf taxi, we are landing in Orient bay witch is the ideal spot for a first surfing lesson. Little waves are perfect there for first take off with 9’0 foam boards perfect to learn the basics securely in a shallow caribbean classic cristal clear water. Bob dream’s come true, is wife Carole realize the challenge that face them. After a safety briefing and a body surfing seance in order to familiarize with the waves, i explain the pop up technics on the beach analysing every gesture to give the best advice. Bob and Carole start tripping before the action.Afterwards, i would never forget this unforgettable great time, it’s going to be forever memorized on the SXM Surf Explorer portfolio.

Ripples of laughter, huggings and kissings, hears hears : both surfer had a blast. Pictures are the proof of it, for that matter they’ve posted a full of praise advice on Tripadvisor.

Thanks to both of you, i am looking forward to see you next year with great pleasure !!!