Hurricane Surf Swell - Sint Maarten - SXM Surf Explorer

Hello friends!

Summer is nearing the end, and September is here.

While some surfers are starting school now, others are taking St. Martin vacations and enjoying these empty surf spots. SXM Surf Explorer can take you to these spots, too, the ones just right for your level, and in the right weather conditions. If you’re searching for the right spot, or need some advice on location or hardware, don’t hesitate to get in touch: 0690626828.

Now, we are waiting for those beautiful swells generated by the storms that tend to pass through this part of the Caribbean in September and October. Each year around this time, we check WindGuru over and over, waiting for tropical depressions and hurricanes that could throw a little swell our way.

The anticipation builds through these months.

September holds nice surprises for some serious carving. Check the forecasts and be ready to make yourslef available at a moment’s notice. Because, when it comes it can be like Menatawaii!

Here in St. Martin, we’ve all had memorable sessions at our famous big breaks like “The Bowl,” Wilderness, Big Mama and other secret spots. Now, we have to cross our fingers and be patient. The Surf Taxi is here and waiting. We’re ready!

Vive le surf!!!!