Surfing lesson with bruschi : NFL star

When i met Tedy Bruschi at the hotel lobby, i was amazed by this strong guy that came to me with a huge smile : after few minutes talking together in my car en route to galion beach i’ve just realized that he had won 3 superbowl in 5 participation during 13 seasons playing for the Patriots of New England of Boston. A famous NFL player who now works for ESPN.

After few words I had to admit that he is really humble, he is quite a man with a huge charisma : this man just wanted to learn the basics of surfing in private lesson with me !

I wasn’t surprise by the fact that he’s got a great power of concentration, my pedagogical advice were immediately understood and it is generally the case with true great sports people : it was a real challenge for me to make sure he’ll like my passion and a huge honor to be his first personal surfing coach ever.

During the first lesson, he was totally able to adapt himself with rough conditions showing lots of patience and self denial. In surfing, when you learn, falling a lot is a part of the job : Tedy found this funny but step by step i’ve realized how competitive this guy can be so he started to have a brain wave and that’s was done ! He was able to deal with the balance and literally surf !!

The second lesson was a huge success, i was able to immortalize few sequences to leave him a great souvenir of his first step surfing in Sint-Marteen.


I am looking forward to receive your picture with the t-shirt : then i’ll be integrate it to the blog 🙂 SXM Surf Explorer all around the world

Big congrats to you, best regards.