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Boost the marketing

Let’s cover the world together !! Can’t wait to receive your picture with the t-shirt 🙂

Surfing lesson with Bruschi : NFL star

Meet Tedy Bruschi, who won 3 Superbowl in 5 participation during 13 seasons playing for the Patriots of New England of Boston. A famous NFL player who now works for ESPN.

Nicaragua surf trip video footage 2015

Ideal surfing forecast with off-shore wind that offers wonderful barrel : Playa Colorado, Santana, Popoyo reef, El Astillero, El Penon…reef break, beach break, point break for all the level of practice. A true surfing paradise and by tha way, the atmosphere in the line up is great !!!

Wants your SXM Surf Explorer t-shirt ?

We are proud to present you guy’s the new SXM Surf Explorer t-shirt collection : available in black, size L/M, and tank top size S as well in blue navy : 20E/25$ unit price, pay pal payment or cash by the local retailer.

No age limit for learning how to surf

This month, the Sint Marteen’s itinerant surf school SXM Surf Explorer is welcoming Bob et Carole with open arms for an epic first surfing lesson. I had the visit of a couple stopping over the island on a cruise ship trip.

Waiting For September Storm Swells

Now, we are waiting for those beautiful swells generated by the storms that tend to pass through this part of the Caribbean in September and October.