Welcome - SXM Surf Explorer


Whether you are a surfer, a bodyboarder, a windsurfer, kitesurfer, bodysurfer, or even if you’re not a surfer at all, welcome to the SXM Surf Explorer blog!

When I landed in St. Martin in 1990, I drove around the island all the time with my parents, seeking the best waves, chasing the swell. 20 years later, nothing has changed. Except, now I’m the one doing the driving, bringing others to surf spots so they can learn and perfect their skills.

“Why start a surf school in St. Martin?” many have asked me, perplexed.

The answer is simple… I love this island, my home. Its festive nature, its laid-back local surfers and its cultural mix (French/Dutch/Caribbean) all adds up to a unique character that can’t be matched.

Surf-wise, the small size of the island lets you move around and reach the best spots quickly. (That is the reason for the “explorer” emphasis on my traveling surf school.) Other great aspects to St. Martin surfing? The spots aren’t over-crowded and the vibe is friendly since locals aren’t aggressive. They don’t mind sharing.

Growing up with a surfboard under my arm, this island has taught ME to share, it has taught me respect for other surfers in and out of the water and it has taught me to be courageous and to also be humble, to know when to stay “no, today it’s too big for me.” These values and lessons have been invaluable. I hope to impart these to you, too.

To share the beauty of this sport, this spot, this way of life and this unbridled passion… that is why I have started SXM Surf Explorer!

Vive le surf!!!