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Who are we ?
How passion become profession...


surfing sxm
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SXM Surf explorer was creating in 2013 by Franck Rigal, most appreciate surfers on Sint Martin Island. 
Franck have been running the school over 8 years before he decide to run into another personal objective. 

In 2020, the new owner Thibault Guergam took the time to give a new face to Surf Explorer .. 

Passionate about sliding sports, ice hockey was Thibault first passion until he discovered the sensations of surfing when he was 12 years Old. 

Being coaching since 2013, Thibault have been always looking to push his knowledge to the maximum to help beginners and expert surfers to reach their goal. 
During the Summer time, Thibault run a other Surf School in France - @msc-surfcoaching where he build his own competency since 2015. 
From June 2018 to December 2022, Thibault was Head Coach  within the Swiss Surfing federation.
Proof of  the commitment of what mean surfing for Thibault. 

From Beginner to expert surfing, the coaches from our surf school will always help you to progress and have fun in the water. 

Come learn with us & explore the infinity lines of surfing . 

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